Flowers plein aire painting


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Today I spend all day painting. First started the morning painting at the Cloverleaf Farm in Dixon. Part of the Yolo Arts & Ag Project. Beautiful farm with so many flowers and orchards and wide open fields. I had painted a landscape then did a couple of watercolors of flowers. The hollyhocks came out the best of the two.

Hollyhocks at Cloverleaf Farm 042515 8x5

After the farm I went home and took my dog out to Central Park in downtown Davis. Located in the park is a small arboretum featuring ideas for a water drought yard but also featured are these huge and beautiful roses.

Red Roses at Central Park 042515 8x5

It’s rare that I get a chance to paint all day.

Drop In at the Pence


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Some better drawings done at the Pence Gallery in Davis. Mostly 5, 10 and 20 minute poses. I had thought about doing some painting – just value studies. But when evening comes around, I’m too tired to think about lifting a brush.

I was working with 4B soft charcoal on smooth newsprint. Got too dark for me so I switched to 2B charcoal to sketch in the construction lines and then work with 4B to darken some shadows. It worked pretty well. Sometimes changing gives a different outlook.

Detailed parts like the hands and feet are hard to do in a full figure quick drawing. So I fade them out. But I’m getting better with the facial.

Now my plan with these drawings is to paint, starting with black and white studies and then color. I’m a little apprehensive about meeting the challenge. But I’ll never know if I don’t go forward.

Bree 042215 Pence 3 Bree 042215 Pence 1 Bree 042215 Pence 2

Davis Art Studio Tour


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The Davis Art Studio Tour turned out to be a very pleasant event. I met many people – artists, friends, friends who met old high school friends. And sold enough to make it worth the while to do it next year.

Lesson learned is to not to over do it with the food. Nobody really has time to slow down and eat. And have a sign in sheet.

My studio is in the front part of a two car garage. The other part is an office area with an inside utility/full bathroom. (Our house was originally 1000 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and 1 full bath). I’m usually working in the studio in the afternoon. The sun shines directly into the garage in the morning and is behind my house in the afternoon. I work with the garage door wide open and blinds purchased from Home Depot are used to provide more privacy. I don’t have to worry too much about fumes when I’m working with oils or encaustics.


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