Portraits Studies

I attend regularly at an open studio held in a local high school. The art teacher there coordinates these events and encourages her students to attend and even model for us.

Below are two studies from such sessions. They were done in the Zorn palette; titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre, and cadmium red. Transparent red oxide is use to layout and tone the linen canvas.

Eric 2015Morgan 2015

Should I or Shouldn’t I Do Calligraphy?

Before I became a dedicated oil painter, I was a dedicated calligrapher. I just finished this certificate fill-in for an UCD certificate – just the name and date.
Should I totally be committed to just oil painting? Or should I juggled between oil painting and calligraphy? I was sorting through some old calligraphy workshops notes and felt that familiar tug for lettering. Maybe just maybe I may reconsider.
P1000208 2

The Art Farm Gala at Hotel Woodland

The year round project of the Yolo Arts Art and Ag Project climaxed in the Art Farm Gala at the Hotel Woodland in Woodland, CA. The farmers and ranchers opened up their gates for artists to interpret the beautiful landscapes around the areas. It’s a way of preserving the land.

The Art Farm Gala is the collections of all the artworks done at the farms through out the year.  There are two exhibits, the Art Harvest, where buyers purchased a $225 ticket “shovel” to harvest a painting. And in the Silent Auction, artworks juried in by Diana Daniels of the Crocker Museum,  were auctioned off.

I’m happy to say that “Cloverleaf Farm” was shoveled and harvested. And the juried “Oakdale Farm” was sold in the Silent Auction. But what was nice to hear that Diana Daniels, the juror would had love to buy Oakdale Farm herself.

Fruits, fruits and more fruits

After my commission with my hairdresser to do a couple of fruit paintings, I did more. This time with kiwi. I have to say that the kiwi are too dark for the light and translucent colors of the oranges and limes. I planned to do more without the kiwi.

My Hairdresser’s Paintings


My hairdresser asked me to paint two 8×8 inch paintings for her sister. Fortunately I had done similar fruit paintings before. Sliced up some grapefruit, lemons and especially limes, since this is the color that had drawn her. Set them up and took photos.

There’s a lot of playing around with design and balance, and color . . . almost abstract.


Usually in my portrait drawing that I teach I cover a feature a week. So for the last day,
I brought in a model, Kim. First time she’s ever modeled but she did a great job!


And here’s my students’ works. They did well. Some hadn’t picked up a pencil for a long time. I hope they will continue on with it.20151021 Portrait Class Students2 20151021 Portrait Class Students