“The Dragon Greeter”

The Dragon Greeter 2014

I love the expression of the two little kids’ faces as they greeted the costumed performer in the dragon suit. Luckily I was able to captured two good photos to use for references for this painting.

On the UC Davis campus for the celebration of Chinese New Year in February.

Writing on the Wall

My son is assisting me in painting a Bible verse on a church wall. I had spent many hours trying to figure out what is the best way to write on the wall. I’ve tried different acrylic paints – heavy body vs. fluid acrylics and even gouache. My plan was to freehand it. Well after a practice writing on my garage wall, writing the word, “Whoever” I stepped back and realized I had written “Whoever” “Whoevever”. With no error for mistakes, I traced the lettering. The painting became a piece of cake. My son took only 2 hours to complete the first coat.

Figurative Studies in Black and White

Homework from a figure drawing class that I’m taking at the School of Light and Color. From the 10 minutes value studies that we had done from a live model, we are to pick one and paint it. Great lesson in understanding subtleties of halftones and highlights. The assignment is not to do just a few but a 100.