After taking Watts Atelier Online drawing program for almost a year coupled with Terry Miura’s Life Drawing/Painting class, I’ve noticed an improvement in my drawing.
The self portrait was done in 2007. The second one, Brianna, took 40 minutes to do and was done 2 years ago. The last one was done for a demo in my portrait drawing class. It was done in less than an hour.

(My husband commented that between the first two portraits, self-portrait and Brianna, there were not much improvement. There is a 5 year span. But between the one done recently and Brianna, there is only 2 years. A big change which I’m happy to see.

Self portrait pencil


Green Lake

On Wednesdays, Davis artist Betty Berteaux, would lead a group of artists to various places throughout Yolo and surrounding counties. This particular Wednesday, we went inside the Yolo Basin Wildlife Reserve located next to the Yolo Causeway, a stretch of a bridge highway that leads into Sacramento. From the causeway as I’m driving across, I can see stretched of land filled with wildlife and rice fields. I found out that it is a hunting ground for ducks during the fall.

Ann Brice, the caretaker of the Yolo Basin, took us to a beautiful spot, Green Lake. Quite peaceful and away from the noises of the Yolo Causeway.

13Aug14 GreenLake 8x6oil

Figure #44

Part of the 30/30 Challenge, I painted a figure based on a sketch I did in a drop-in session. The drawing have enough information about light and shadow that I can create a painting. The painting was done with a Zorn palette, transparent oxide red instead of cadmium red.

I had been skipping some days in this challenge so I have no idea what day this one would be.