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Painting Christy. Doesn’t look much like a successful painting but I finally got it about mixing colors!

Beginning with only the Zorn palette: white, black, yellow ochre, and transparent earth red. 2 value sketches: first, two values – light and dark and then 3 values.

I tried to introduced cad red and cerulean blue then cad yellow for the color of her dress and the rosiness of her cheeks. The painting got muddier and muddier. Practically starting over, I went back to the 4 initially colors. Then I realized with the mud pile, I can add more transparent red to make it red-gray, YO to make it more yellow. Before I had not been pushing the mixing of colors far enough. With adding more reds or yellows, I can till the 2 piles of colors to be either reddish or yellowish.