Creation, oil on stretched canvas, 5 x 4 feet

One of my first largest paintings sold after graduating from CSUS. I was told that a dinner guest, a young boy, was awestruck by this painting that he stood in front of it for the longest time. Something that he normally doesn’t do. He said something like that it looked like creation. So I renamed it from “Smokey” to “Creation”.

Someone saw a figure with hands. . . I see a turbulent swirling of emotions not quite settled.

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Private collection

2 thoughts on “Creation

  1. Marlene,

    Your work is absolutely breathtaking. I enjoyed viewing all of the mediums you employed. The colors and movement carry me right into the images and I feel the depth and vibrancy. Thanks for sharing your art. I really like the theme you used on wordpress…it’s very clean and I like the setup.

    My previous website was a store where you could go in and click on a “buy button” and purchase art. However, I discovered that many times people will email me first anyway as art is not a t-shirt from ebay. So I decided that I don’t need shopping carts and could just use wordpress.

    I still have quite a lot of images to upload on my blog but then those are older works and I’d like to continue my abstracts. I will be taking part in a multi-media presentation (art, music, and dance) in June so I will be creating new abstracts for that.

    Best wishes to your upcoming exhibit!


    1. Hi Frances,
      Thank you so much for your in-depth comment. It’s always encouraging to hear. Painting abstracts is a lonely pursuit. I’ve never know when I’m finish or if it’s good enough.

      Yes, I chose the Oulipo theme for it’s simple but elegant design. What I really love is that I can create a gallery page with thumbnails of my works all in one page. Then the viewer can click on one and enlarge it. What did it for me was the background. It’s a practice sheet of expressive calligraphic strokes that I was working on. It gives it a more personalized feel.

      Thank you for mentioning that I should add on a subscription. I’m still learning the fine art of setting up a website. There is so much to learn and know.

      Just this morning, I bought the domain name. Now it’s instead of Again, thanks.


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