Four Panels Paintings

Oil, 18" w x 24" h for each panel
Oil, 12 x 24 in/panel

Painting over 4 canvas allows me to move my arms freely over the wider area. Hung right next to each other, I applied the oils with a 3″ house brush. I have a tendency to apply first dark colors and worked at making the paintings lighter. In a critique, someone commented that my paintings have a spiritual quality, spiritual light, especially with these two. When I starting these paintings I had no intention on how they will come out or how they would be interpret. Even the names of these paintings, Lights and Roaring Fires, came after completion. The names came to me after I realized how much the news of the southern California fires had affected me.

2 thoughts on “Four Panels Paintings

  1. These are great, I think you should call the bottom ones just “Arizona ” this is one of the largest fires we had and it when people see the name will connect it with this one huge historical fire .Spectacular paintings for a spectacular fire.Excellent work.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Richard. “Arizona” sounds appropriate. Yes, it was one of the biggest we had but then it seems all the fires after that were big too. Anyway, I often changed a name of a painting on a viewer’s suggestion.

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