International House Exhibit Works

Things are slowly coming together. My hangup day is Thursday, July 7th from 8:00 to 2:00. Listed are the pieces to be hung at the International House.

  1. Orchestra
  2. Lights
  3. Arizona
  4. July Abstract, v.1
  5. July Abstract, v.2
  6. July Abstract, v.3
  7. July Abstract, v.4
  8. July Abstract, v.5
  9. July Abstract, v.6
  10. Billowing Flames
  11. Chinese Dragon
  12. Dancing Flames
  13. Dancing Flames Bursting
  14. Red Koi
  15. Summer Cool Down
  16. Flowering
  17. Calm Summer
  18. Calm Summer, Neglected
  19. Dragon War, series #1 (did not show)
  20. Dragon War, series #2 (did not show)
  21. Green Koi Swimming
  22. Green Koi Confronting
  23. Green Koi Tangling
  24. Green Koi Separating
  25. Tsunami Crashing
  26. Dancing Blues
  27. Rising against the Blues
  28. Red Dragons
  29. Red Wave
  30. Dancing in Waters, v. 1
  31. Dancing in Waters, v. 2
  32. Dancing in Waters, v. 3
Most of these pieces can be seen in my gallery pages.

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