Small Golden Tomatoes

I had been painting an oil sketch everyday on weekdays, mainly to strengthen my skills in oil painting. Every day, first thing in the morning besides getting my coffee. Since I’ve started this practice, I look forward to painting. It’s meditative.

My subject matters are things that I can easily find around the  house. Food, bottles, cans…..Seems like I’m painting more about food than anything else.

I started with one object and then now it’s two or more. The next step is to set up a combination of items for a painting.

Below there are several items, small golden tomatoes. Basically reds and yellows, I found touches of green and blues. Showing each tomato distinctively was challenging. Indicating the very thin reflective light underneath some of the tomatoes was also a bit challenging. This painting was definitely a good exercise in painting monochromatic objects.

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