My First Day with the Guerilla ThumBox

My first painting on my ThumBox. 6 x 8 oils.

Just got my Guerilla ThumBox! I love the thought of easy set up and not worry about people peeking over my shoulder. I’ve packed the Zorn colors – titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium red, and ivory black with 3 different Robert Simmons brushes – pointed, flat and filbert, plus the Mighty Mite Jr and towels.

I headed to the UCD Arboretum and headed over to the lake. Found some fabulous scene along the waterfront with white flowers contrasted against the green trees and bushes. Squirt out colors on the wooden palette and paint away. Using the Zorn palette was a bit too bland for me. Mainly for a tonal painter….greens were limited. So I head over to the UCD Bookstore and got ultramarine blue and cadmium yellow plus more 6 x 8 canvas boards. Though only $1.00 each, one day I would like to make my own boards.

From being purely frustrated with painting a landscape, I decided that it was best for me to start with one subject – flowers. A perfect place is at Central Park where there is a newly developed flower garden. Using the colors that I had just bought, I pleased with the result. Not completed yet, at least it’s a good start.

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