Portrait Painting at 12th & S Studio

Lately I had been attending a life painting session at 12th & S Studio. These has been great sessions in that we can choose to drop in ($10) and paint or get instructions ($25). Michael Mikolon is the coordinator and studio owner. I first noticed his works at the Pence – fluid and masterly in both watercolor and oils. Then I met him at the Pence Gallery Garden Tour, one of the many artists painting on site.

My first lesson with Mikolon started with the very basic – value studies. First he had me do a pencil study of the model in three values – light, midtone and dark.

Next was to paint the model only using two colors – white and transparent red oxide. Eventually I could use three colors; white, transparent red oxide and black.

So, working at home, I used a photo of my grand niece, Sydney. Below is a rough I did of her.


I discoverd that doing a rough had helped tremendously. In fact I did 3 roughs of different compositions.

Next I painted using titanium white and raw umber (since I don’t have transparent red oxide.). Here I established the dark, midtone and light.


After a couple of hours, I got this far with it.


Here, Mikolon had suggested that I can then start into a full color palette. Doing this was enough for me…There’s so much to learn.

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