Making a Mudpile

Life painting session at 12th and S Studio – Coordinator/Instructor, Michael Mikolon

First lesson – make a mudpile of the colors of my chosen palette. The mudpile being the neutral color.  In this case, my colors were titanium white, cad yellow, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and burnt umber. For harmony when I branch into darker or lighter tone. Then make another mudpile for the lighter tone.

Below the gray tone is on the left and the lighter tone is the orangish color. Burnt umber with blue is my darkest.

This is a new concept for me….I’ve never heard about it while going to CSUS.



Other points that Michael mentioned is I could get simpler with my palette and use the Zorn palette. It consist of 4 colors: titanium white, yellow ochre, transparent earth red and ivory black. I would add ultramarine blue to add more color to the black.

Other thoughts: feel free to use a grid to “trace” a face for a commission work. Drawing or painting from life enhance when working from photos.

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