Monochromatic Abstract 4

Monochromatic Abstract 4

New series of small watercolor prints for sale on my Fine Art America. Done on 9 3/4 x 4 inch Arches rough watercolor pad. I approached it as a free flowing exercise to create abstract landscape imagery – following the paint as it leads. Originals are for sale so please email me if you are interested at Will be up on Special Listing.

2 thoughts on “Monochromatic Abstract 4

  1. Like it that’s what water colors do so beautifully. I’m in Monterey right now. Have my water colors with me, I’m inspired to do something in that vein. We should get together soon and do some painting. I admire your enterprise, congrats on your fruit painting sale. I’m showing at Tucos in the dining room until the fist week in April. Drop by and see what you think. Nancy

    1. Nice that you are in Monterrey. What a perfect place to paint with watercolors. Let’s get together…maybe at Crepeville? And thanks! I’ll drop by at Tucos, maybe today. But I do have an opening this Friday at Paulina’s Boutique.

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