30/30 Challenge Day 4

Day 4 was done in a life painting class I am taking. Using on 4 colors, basically the Zorn palette – titanium white, ivory black, transparent red oxide, yellow ochre. Did not come out as well but at least I painted.

Day 4 090414 9x12 oil

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2 thoughts on “30/30 Challenge Day 4

  1. Hey Marlene,

    Nice work. I love the Zorn palette. Really creates the opportunity to explore the color possibilities and is especially well-suited to painting the human figure. Try using Cadmium Red instead of transparent red oxide (Zorn used Vermilion and on occasion cobalt blue and green) I’ve added Blue to my palette as well. Found this Zorn Color Chart helpful and use it as a reference.


    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I’m taking a life painting class from Terry Miura who uses transparent oxide. But when he expands his palette he includes Cadmium Red as well as the blues…no greens, though. I had always admired Westerberg’s works and will definitely check out the chart.

      BTW thanks for viewing my posts.

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