This is Dozer. My sister had flown from out of state and handed me this photo of my nephew’s new dog to paint.



Before I painted, I wrote about the photo of the dog, what I saw in the photo; what was appealing – the dog’s expression, his sad look, his expressive eyes, his huge head compared to his small body.

Then I painted. I was surprised how easy it came. I think I had captured him.

8 x 10 inches, oil
8 x 10 inches, oil

There was a Youtube interview by How to Sell Art Online that I watched which inspired me to write. The interview was with Lisa Call. She teaches art workshop where the participants are encouraged to write and write and write.

So I followed this lead. I don’t write usually but I found that writing does bring out thoughts and “concrete” them on paper. Though this is my first I planned to put writing a part of the process of painting.

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