More tiny paintings. Day 7, 8, & 9 are of the same garlic. The first day I painted the garlic, I just did not feel it was right. Another attempt on Day 8, seems to come out much worse. Day 9 was much better. I concentrated on getting the strokes down right the first time.

Day 7 Garlic 1 oil_2015_ACEO

Day 8 Garlic 2 oil_2015_ACEO

Day 9 Garlic 3 oil_2015_ACEO

Day 10 is an apple I found a few days go. Just turning a bit brown.

Day 10 Garlic Apple oil_2015_ACEO

Friday night I had an one night opening in Woodland and along with my regular paintings I put out the ACEOs that I completed. Two sold. At $20 each, these tiny paintings are easy sales. People including myself are a bit hesitate to pay over $100 on a painting or anything else. So the ACEOs will become a staple for steady income.

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