Day 26 – 30/30 Challenge

I went to Patris’ studio for a three-hour pose. A young man from Poland visiting family here in the States posed for us. I spend the first 20 minutes coming up with this sketch. After practicing for 25 days, I was able to get the essentials in – establishing the light and dark patterns and hitting the highlights and deepening the darkest areas. Since the face was the focus the hair was slightly indicated.

Day 26 30:30 Challenge
Day 26 Drawing 30/30 Challenge by Marlene Lee

Then the rest of the time was spend on painting. Only the Zorn palette. I mainly concentrated on the colors – getting the of the light and shadow colors of the skin. But when I stepped back I realized that I had made the light color too light. Next time I’ll go for the halftone of the light.

Day 26 painting
Day 26 Painting by Marlene Lee

There are other areas I need to work on – eyes too small, nose off centered but I’m happy with the colors.


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