Oil Portrait of Morgan

I’m still continue the pencil with white charcoal on toned paper portrait. The drawing of Morgan was done from a live model at Patris’ Studio. It took about 40 minutes. Then for the next 2 hours, I worked in oils again using the Zorn palette.

I feel pretty good about the colors. She is a fair skinned model and I have a tendency to make the light colors too light. So I started deeper and rosier.

I’ve always had trouble establishing the shadow colors until a teacher pointed out that there two methods – using analogous colors or complimentary colors. I’m starting with analogous colors, simpler to think about. Later I’ll be more adventurous.

Now just looking at the drawing and painting side by side, I see I need to make some adjustments. For instance her left side needs to be angled more.

2 thoughts on “Oil Portrait of Morgan

  1. You’re doing great, Marlene! I really like the portrait drawings you make, it’s a beautiful technique on the grey paper. Also, the oil portrait. The colors are wonderful and I love how you leave the brushstrokes showing, not too fussy!

    1. Thank you so much, Heidi, for your lovely comments. They’re encouraging. My goal for the portraits is to do 100. By then I will feel more comfortable with this technique.

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