I love the deep red of the mango. I bought one to paint. I have been attending a still life painting class taught by Philippe Gandiol, a native of France, but who now resides here in Davis for many many years and a second career artist. It’s interesting to know someone for many years and see their progression.

Recently I felt I needed a punch in the arm with my still life paintings. I wanted to go beyond the ACEO paintings of one fruit. Taking Philippe’s class is what I needed. I’m paying more attention to composition and more complex design. (Here’s a link to Philippe’s still life paintings.)

Mango, 3.5 x 2.5 inches, oil on paper

In Still Life with Mango, the mango is the focal point with its strong color. It sits somewhat in the “thirds” section. I paid attention to the circular direction from the mango into the flowers, down through the stem to the cut off bud, back to the mango. Normally I would painted the flowers how I see it, strong red but thinking about what is the focal point I push back the flowers by fading the colors.

Still Life with Mango, 8 x 10 inches, oil on linen panel

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