Red Flowers in Green Vase

Red Flowers in Green Vase oil 10x8 030216
Red Flowers in Green Vase, oil on canvas panel, 10 x 8 inches by Marlene Lee

I might had mentioned before that I’m taking a still life painting class from Philippe Gandiol. Right after I graduated with an art degree in 2009,  I took Philippe’s class to get the basics of oil painting down. Now I’m taking it to focus on composition.

The subject was set up in his studio. Beautiful vase with beautiful flowers that he either picked from his garden or a gift or just store bought. The color selections of his cloths are perfect; they are analogous colors to the vase. And the red in the flowers are complementary color to the green which then makes the painting vibrate with colors.

Usually when I paint still life I don’t really pay much attention to the cast shadow in the background. But Philippe pointed out how the shadow helps lead the eye to the white flowers back to the singular red flower up the vase and into the focal point, the red flowers.

This was an exciting painting to work on and hope to do more in this line.

This painting will be made available in my Etsy shop.


8 thoughts on “Red Flowers in Green Vase

  1. It’s a beautiful painting! And an interesting setup. I always find it difficult to arrange a setup for still lifes. But it’s a good tip you’re offering us here, working with analogue and complementary colors. I’ll certainly put it behind my ear. Thank you for sharing ❤

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