Two Mandaquats and Tangerine

My father-in-law had grown kumquats in his backyard. A small orangelike fruit. I might have tasted them but I don’t remembered if I liked them or not. But he would often graft his various fruit trees to produced the same fruit. Then recently I found these mandaquats at the Davis Food Co-op. Their rich colors attracted me. Amazing what is out there, the different combinations. I don’t think my father-in-law came up with something like this when he grafted his trees.

Two Mandaquats and a Tangerine oil 6x6 031916
Two Mandaquats & Tangerine, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 6 x 6 inches by Marlene Lee

Note – a new signature! no more printing. And did I taste these?…nope, not yet.


8 thoughts on “Two Mandaquats and Tangerine

    1. Hi, Lucinda, yes I work mostly in oils. I’m relatively a newcomer…been painting full time since 2009. There’s still so much to learn!

      1. Well I love the work I’ve seen of yours so far! I absolutely agree with you, you can never stop learning a craft. There is so many different ways you can change and adapt!

      2. Would you mind checking out some of my work? You’re very talented I’d love your opinion!

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