Yellow & Green Flowers

This painting was done right after I finished Qiang Huang’s workshop on still life oil painting. I started to use a sable brush for the background which gives it a delightful transparency. I worked on loose brush strokes. And most importantly followed the steps that Qiang had talked to us about. Here’s the post that explained his process.

Yellow & Green Flowers
Yellow & Green Flowers, 10 x 8 inches oil on linen panel

Available for purchase at my Etsy shop, PaintingsbyMarlene.

2 thoughts on “Yellow & Green Flowers

  1. Very successful still life, Marlene! The yellows and greens look terrific together and the transparency of the background gives a nice depth to the painting. Well done! -Heidi

    1. Thanks, Heidi. I was pleased with the results because of what I had learned in Qiang Huang’s workshop. Qiang had studied under David Leffel so he stages his still life to read from left to right. This is what I’ve had heard from listening to David Leffel’s videos – carefully setting up a still life so that the viewer can “read” from left to right. It’s like telling a story.

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