Oil Portraits

Two portraits done in the last two weeks. Both from photo reference. The right is a photo reference from Vitruvian Studio online course. I used the Zorn palette plus Naples Yellow Light for warm white lightening. (Size 16 x 12 inches on canvas)



Also I wanted to test this new canvas pad, Paramount. It is primed but the back reveals ungessoed canvas. It works very well for me – not too smooth like canvas paper.

4 thoughts on “Oil Portraits

  1. It’s wonderful to follow your work, you’re really devoted to improving your painting. I see a lot of progress in your portraits as well as in your still lifes. One tiny little piece of advice to keep in mind, especially regarding the portrait of the blond lady, is not to make the white part of the eye too white (don’t know the English term for it). Now they sort of pop out from the portrait which in every other aspect is very harmonic. It’s actually quite surprising how dark a color you can use for the whites. Btw, I like the Naples Yellow Light highlights, I’d better try that some day. How do you like the Zorn palette?

    1. Hi, Heidi, thanks for the advice. Yes I noticed the whites of the eyes being tooo white! That is something I need to work on.

      Also I do like the Zorn palette since it’s actually the palette that earlier artists used when working with encaustic i.e. the Egyptian portraits on their tombs. But recently I came across a series of videos by Robert Gamblin, creator of Gamblin paints. He explores the history of color, the three stages of color development. Here’s the first of three – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5ynSp5X1oU&index=7&list=PLs56OYsNvtDf54-e1TUMMHLiJ0NvdmCDy

      These videos were an eye opener about mixing colors. Let me know what you think. 🙂

      1. Yes those videos are very eye opening, and it’s easy to understand the logic when presented like that. However, when I’m painting I feel far away from science and logic. Intuition is my leader when it comes to mixing colors, in addition to some subconscious sense of color, I guess. I would find it nearly impossible to implement those videos in practise. Is it just me? 🙂

      2. Nope, Heidi, it’s the same with me. I found these videos as well as workshops are eye openers for new concept and techniques but when actually painting the ideas flee and I’m left with my intuition. But I had found, though, that over time these ideas that had grabbed me are finding their way into my subconscious. Then suddenly one day I discovered that I’m applying some of the ideas intuitively.

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