Let’s Draw Davis Sketchcrawl

After a long absence, our Davis sketching group finally meet again. We started off at the Davis Farmers Market around 10:30 am. The weather was perfect; warm not hot and breezy. Packed with people for their fresh food shopping, there was also a rally going on. A grand opportunity to sketch groups of people standing still in one place.

070916 No Crude by Rail Holbein2
“No Crude by Rail” Rally at the Davis Farmers Market

After completing the rally sketch, maybe within an hour, I spotted this tent with fabrics blowing in the wind. The challenge here was getting the perspective of the tent and the other tents right. Also trying not to be overburdened with details of the numerous fabrics and tote bags on display. Another nice challenge is to create an impression of crowds of people passing without drawing every single one of them.

It happened that I knew one of the women in that booth. She and I had sons who had played on the same soccer team for many years. She loved the sketch and took a photo of it right then and there.

070916 Colorful Fabrics at Davis Farmers' Market Holbein2
Colorful Fabrics at the Davis Farmers Market

In the afternoon, I walked more into the center of town. Less people since the farmers market closed down after 1. I spotted this popular coffee shop with its umbrellas and patrons enjoying the warm afternoon.

070916 Saturday afternoon at Mishka's Holbein2
Saturday Afternoon at Mishka’s Cafe

At 3:30 pm the sketchers who stayed until the very end got together to share our sketches. It was a great outing and I am definitely looking forward to the next one…though maybe I’ll try to be brave and go on my own.

070916 Let's Draw Davis sketchcrawl.JPG

My sketchbook kit: Holbein Multi-Drawing Book, 7 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches, waterbrush for  watercolors, pencil and a Lamy pen filled with Noodlers’ waterbased ink.

Check out these websites on urban sketching: Pete Scully (who is in the yellow shirt is the coordinator) and Urbansketchers.



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