Alla Prima Oil Painting Workshop at NUMU

I had an opportunity to attend a workshop by an artist I had been following on instagram for quite a while, Felicia Forte. Her workshop was at NUMU in Los Gatos. The focus of the workshop was to paint with a limited palette, Zorn Palette (titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre and cadmium red) within a limited time period.

On the first day, Felicia showed us her approach step-by-step. Starting with an accurate drawing of the head, she used the average dark value to block in the darks/shadow areas and then with the average light value painted any areas in the light. Then from there she finished off the portrait with more accurate and deliberate brushstrokes

Demos by Felicia Forte

Day 2 was with time limitations. In 20 minutes session and 5 minute breaks between the first painting was done in 60 minutes (3 20 minutes). Then the second from a different angle in 40 minutes (2 20 minutes) and then the last (1 20 minutes). The 5 minute break allows us to step away and come back with a fresher view of our painting.

Demos by Felicia Forte

Day 3 was the 3-hour painting – a longer painting time.

Demos by Felicia Forte

What I learned from this workshop: draw accurately, find the average dark and light values and painting within a time limitations.

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