Portrait of a Woman

Still continuing on with 30 Paintings/30 Days Challenge. Painting #13.

Last month I took a workshop by Felicia Forte on alla prima portrait painting. She used the Zorn palette – titanium white, ivory black, cadmium red and yellow ochre. Since then I practically painting a portrait every day. Here’s one of my better ones.

159 photo ref BFLA 2016.jpg

11 thoughts on “Portrait of a Woman

  1. Using a limited palette is a really great practice — you almost can never get too garish colors with these muted earth tones! It always amazes me how muted skin colors actually are — we are truly made of earth itself in this sense! It’s great that you’ve been keeping up the practice — practice makes perfect!

    1. Thanks, Corinne. The zorn palette is actually a palette used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to paint portraits on ships and tombs. It is colors based on what they can get from the earth.

      1. I see. That reminds me of a course in which we worked with earth colors too – but for the under layers (yellow ochre, raw siena and umber). Adding color on top would make for rich colors. If you get this Zorn palette to work for you, like you do here, it is marvellous in its simplicity. Hats of to you!

      2. It was a real -life course on the method of painters like Rembrandt. The three colors make a basic underpainting in three values (ochre is lightest, siena middle range, umber dark. Add colors on top in thin layers and you get a rich painting.

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