Just doodling

Lately I had been carrying a Fabriano sketchbook, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches and a Lamy Safari fountain pen to doodle things in front of me. Sometimes staged like my shoe that I put on the coffee table (my mother would had killed me), sometimes not. Things that surrounds me day by day.

One day is just sitting around the house or looking outside or late at night when my husband is sleeping. The other day would be a visit to my mother or eating at a local restaurant. Then on a Saturday, I made it a point to go out to some soccer games in a nearby field and sketch the spectators.

Slowly I’m building up a visual diary of my mundane everyday life.

10.19.16 & 10.20.16 Doodles by Marlene Lee. Most drawings done with a Lamy pen except for two. I was trying out a Hero bent nib pen but found it too thick.
10.21.16 & 10.22.16 Doodles by Marlene Lee

Also I noted that the Fabriano book is not really a sketchbook. The paper is very thin. Maybe more for taking notes with a finer pen.

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