Daily Sketches

I had been carrying around a Moleskine Sketchbook for getting some sketching in. I had been using a Fabriano notebook but found the paper to be too thin. What I liked about the Moleskine is that the paper is thick and holds a light wash of watercolor well.

Sketches by Marlene Lee, 11/2/16
Sketches by Marlene Lee, 11/4/16

Here’s one of my favorite pages of sketches…parents and coaches watching soccer and my mother. With people I worked with quick gestural lines to capture the expression of the spectators. Most of them “posed” for about a minute or two. The sitting spectators posed longer. And, of course, my mother posed longer.

Sketches by Marlene Lee, 11/5/16
Sketches by Marlene Lee, 11/8/16

13 thoughts on “Daily Sketches

  1. I love your sketchers! I’m doing a similar challenge, I’m only up to sketch #15! I’m going to follow you for inspiration πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful sketches! What brand of watercolour do you use? And do you colour them straight away, or do you sketch and then colour at home?

    1. Hi, Du Nord for reading my blog! I used a very old Winsor and Newton pocket watercolor set that I had purchased over 30 years ago. And it’s stil available. The colors are replaceable; that is you can buy these half pans and you can fill it up with your own colors. I had refilled with quality watercolors after I used up the student grade ones.

      I sketched in a 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch Moleskine sketchbook (it’s not the one with the watercolor paper) I try to keep the watercolor since the paper isn’t meant for watercolor but still handle wet very well. And I usually sketch on location so the watercolor is done on the spot as well.

      Hope that answered your question.

  3. Great sketches. It’s definitely a good practice to sketch daily! Personally, I don’t like Moleskine paper. Much better is the Pentalic Aqua… but I do a lot of watercolor. It has 100% cotton, 140# watercolor paper but is the same size as the pocket Moleskine.

    1. Hi, Redharparts! I’ll keep in the mind the Pentalic Aqua if I decide to get more into watercolors. The Moleskine is a great size for me to put into my handbag and the paper is thick enough for a light wash.

      Are you an USk correspondent? You mentioned in your blog that you write for the USk blog. And btw I’m taking a class with Sketchbook Skool.

    1. Hi, Jofox, I do draw directly in ink without any preliminary pencil guides. But I had been going to drop in sessions with drawing from a live model.

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