5 thoughts on “Apples in Line

  1. I think it works very well. The three right apples merge to one shape, while the smaller apple offsets the weight of that to balance the image. Even though the left apple is small, it commands more visual weight than its size would suggest because it’s by itself. 🙂

      1. A long time ago the text book for my art class had an example of a white background and a big black square filling most of the left side but a little black square on the right side. The little square drew more attention. The idea of different objects having their own visual weight and trying to offset the weight of one object with another to get a balance is how I’ve preferred to think about composition after seeing that. 🙂

        This isn’t the same book, but I know I used to have this one on Chinese painting and the next page shows a perfect example of “weight balance.”

      2. Wow! This is food for thought. I had been thinking more about composition instead of getting the painting to look like the image. Thank you so much for sharing! And the book on Chinese painting is something I need to look into.

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