Watercolor Palette

I’m enlarging my watercolor palette. I had been using a Winsor&Newton Cotman Watercolor Sketcher Pocket Box. Quite portable, it holds only 12 colors but I had used it for all my urbansketching over 5 years. ( I had it for over 25 years.) Now I’m ready to expand.

My new palette is a metal palette with a bit more room for mixing colors and holds more colors. It’s a Meeden from Amazon. Also purchased from Amazon are half-pans. I can put 17 half-pans possibly squeezed in 19.

I based my color choices on the warm/cool color palette. I’m aiming for more professional grades, mostly Daniel Smith and Winsor&Newton.

Scan 1.jpeg
Watercolor sketch of Meeden watercolor palette with colors by Marlene Lee


So the list goes as follows:

Primary colors –

  • For yellows – Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow and Utrecht Cadmium Yellow Medium
  • For reds – American Journey Permanent Rose and Blick Alizarin Crimson
  • For blues – Daniel Smith Cerulean Blue and Daniel Smith Ultramarine Blue

Secondary colors –

  • Daniel Smith Quinacridone Violet
  • Daniel Smith Sap Green
  • Daniel Smith Viridian
  • Winsor&Newton Cadmium Orange

I call these earth colors –

  • Winsor&Newton Burnt Sienna
  • Winsor&Newton Burnt Umber
  • Blick Yellow Ochre

And American Journey Payne Grey

I’m searching for a deeper purple than the violet. For the reds, I’m not completely happy with the permanent rose, still need a warmer red. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Palette

    1. Sounds good…I had used cadmium red in oils and it’s a nice warm red but expensive. I’ll check out those two alternatives you had mentioned.

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