Davis Art Studio Tour

The Davis Art Studio Tour turned out to be a very pleasant event. I met many people – artists, friends, friends who met old high school friends. And sold enough to make it worth the while to do it next year.

Lesson learned is to not to over do it with the food. Nobody really has time to slow down and eat. And have a sign in sheet.

My studio is in the front part of a two car garage. The other part is an office area with an inside utility/full bathroom. (Our house was originally 1000 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and 1 full bath). I’m usually working in the studio in the afternoon. The sun shines directly into the garage in the morning and is behind my house in the afternoon. I work with the garage door wide open and blinds purchased from Home Depot are used to provide more privacy. I don’t have to worry too much about fumes when I’m working with oils or encaustics.


My painting, “About to Bloom” has been accepted into the Crocker-Kingsley Art Competition at Blue Line Arts. It is one of 75 pieces selected among 1,300 entries that was jurored by world renowned painter, Gregory Kondos.

About to Bloom, 2013

Woodland First Friday Art Walk


I had a wonderful chance to participate in the Woodland First Friday Art Walk. I was showing with two photographers, Kent Smith and Gwen Kaltoft. It was there I sold all 4 paintings that I was exhibiting.

Then another one was sold at the Yolo Arts Council Gala.

All of these paintings were done at Turkovich, Pete Cattle or Mezger Zinnias Patch.

I want to thank Gwen Kaltoft and Mark Mezger for their purchases!


Virginia Yerxa Community Read Exhibit in Colusa

I had a great opportunity to participate in the VYCR Program in Colusa all Saturday afternoon. My husband and I had time to explore the beautiful view of the Sacramento River. After having lunch with the council, they took us to visit a store owner whose father had a very similar history has my husband’s father – coming from China at a fairly young age and working as a cook for the surrounding region in ranches. There’s a very strong Chinese American history in Colusa – a hidden underground city, opium dens, then later cooks….a now a respected grocery store owner.

We attended the lecture by UC Riverside professor on science fiction in Colusa’s firehouse. Very interesting and well attended. The rest of the afternoon was activities and exhibits including mine.

Roberta James did a fabulous job of pulling quotes out from “Fahrenheit 451” to match the paintings. We were impressed out it all fitted.

I want to thank the committee and particular Roberta and Elizabeth for all your effort in putting this program together so well.

Colusa 1






Colusa 3
This painting was sold

Virginia Yerxa Community Read

Virginia Yerxa Community Read

Virginia Yerxa Community Read Program happens every year in Colusa. The program founded by Virginia Yerxa is to support reading through a selected book. This year it’s “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury.

My abstracts paintings were selected to enhanced “Fahrenheit 451” reading experience. Roberta James and Elizabeth Yerxa had came down to select my paintings for this program.

The program will be this Saturday, April 27, in Colusa. Book presentation by UC Riverside Professor Rob Latham is from 2:00 to 4:00 pm  at the Colusa Fire Department, 740 Market. From 4 to 6 pm are the book swaps, exhibits including my paintings, and other events at 735 Main Street. At the Colusa Movie Theater, at 513 Market Street, is the free screening of “Fahrenheit 451”. A day long event worth visiting!