Drop In at the Pence

Some better drawings done at the Pence Gallery in Davis. Mostly 5, 10 and 20 minute poses. I had thought about doing some painting – just value studies. But when evening comes around, I’m too tired to think about lifting a brush.

I was working with 4B soft charcoal on smooth newsprint. Got too dark for me so I switched to 2B charcoal to sketch in the construction lines and then work with 4B to darken some shadows. It worked pretty well. Sometimes changing gives a different outlook.

Detailed parts like the hands and feet are hard to do in a full figure quick drawing. So I fade them out. But I’m getting better with the facial.

Now my plan with these drawings is to paint, starting with black and white studies and then color. I’m a little apprehensive about meeting the challenge. But I’ll never know if I don’t go forward.

Bree 042215 Pence 3 Bree 042215 Pence 1 Bree 042215 Pence 2

Figure #44

Part of the 30/30 Challenge, I painted a figure based on a sketch I did in a drop-in session. The drawing have enough information about light and shadow that I can create a painting. The painting was done with a Zorn palette, transparent oxide red instead of cadmium red.

I had been skipping some days in this challenge so I have no idea what day this one would be.



Figurative Studies in Black and White

Homework from a figure drawing class that I’m taking at the School of Light and Color. From the 10 minutes value studies that we had done from a live model, we are to pick one and paint it. Great lesson in understanding subtleties of halftones and highlights. The assignment is not to do just a few but a 100.