A Solvent Oil Can

I had been inspired by Brian Astle‘s paintings of daily studies – a singular object,  the use of a palette knife to texture the background and the losing of the edge.

Solvent Oil Can by Marlene Lee, oil on canvas panel 7 x 5 inches

This dated item I kept around for over 30 years. In my 20’s I had worked as a graphic artist and had used this to removed rubber cement or wax from the typeset text to reposition it. Definitely before computers. Nowadays, hitting “delete” is all that’s needed.

William’s Rose

I was at magazine store when a man gave his rose to me. He grows them in his garden and had several on the counter while he was looking through magazines. He offered me one of the roses but wanted to  guess which one I would take. He was right.

William’s Rose by Marlene Lee, oil on canvas panel, 12 x 6 inches

Apples in Line

Playing around with composition. I love the idea of objects off the page and the principle is to have three edges being touched. But I didn’t do it in this case. Does it work?

Apples in Line, oil on canvas panel, 6 x 6 inches by Marlene Lee

Shoyu Soy Sauce Base Ramen Noodles

This painting of ramen noodles soup was a bit of a challenge. So much textures but with very bland colors. Capturing the food underneath the somewhat clear base took sometime to figure out. Though not a colorful dish it was quite tasty!

2016-137 Shoyu Soy Sauce at 1900 19th Sacto.jpg
Shoyu Ramen Noodles by Marlene Lee, oil on board, 6 x 6

Lately my husband and I were making it our goal to try out the Ramen Noodle Restaurant throughout Sacramento. This soup was at a restaurant on 1900 19th Street. There is another one across from it.