Let’s Draw Davis at the Farmers Market

Let’s Draw Davis sketchcrawl group met yesterday at the Davis Farmers Market. The weather was perfect after a week of rain and so it was packed with people. I capture the facepainting lady who is there every week. And then I attempted some people sketching…I was captivated with what people were wearing…such as the man with the red pants who was carrying a purple bag and wearing an oversized coat.

Facepainting Lady, watercolor and pen by Marlene Lee
Sketching People at the Davis Farmers Market by Marlene Lee

A Page of Bell Peppers in Watercolor

Bell Peppers 2018
Bell Peppers, 9 x 12 inches watercolor on Strathmore “Visual Journal” 140 lbs. cold pressed watercolor paper.

Here’s the process of one of the bell peppers.


With my busy schedules, sketching allows me to satisfy that need to draw and paint. My sketches are done in Moleskine sketchbook, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2. I usually have my TWSBI fountain pen with Noodler’s Lexington Grey ink and waterbrush attached to the Moleskine. If I have time in the early morning brushes and water on the dining table ready for a quick watercolor painting. And of course, my coffee.

Watercolor Setup 2018My Watercolor Brushes 2018

Big Head Sketch of Alan 2018
Homework assignment from Sketchbook Skool. Drawing big heads and small body.

“What’s in My Bag” Sketch

I had been looking high and low for a bag that would carry my sketching supplies as well as my personal items. The criteria is that it would not get heavy on long walks but feels light when I’m running around town doing errands. The beauty of a Timbuk2 is their very adjustable strap. With just one flick I can adjust the strap without taking the whole bag off.

In my Timbuk2 Metro bag I carry my sketching supplies such as a small Moleskine Sketchbook, a Cotman Watercolor Pocket set, waterbrush, fountain pen and mechanical pencil. Also my personal items – wallet, tissue, lotion, smart phone, Epipen, waterbottle ….

What's in My Bag 071018.jpeg
What’s in My Bag? watercolor and pen, 5 x 8 inches in Moleskine sketcbhook

Materials: Moleskine sketchbook, watercolor, TWSBI fountain pen filled with Noodlers’ Lexington Ink.



Day 7_The Palm Tree_30x30DW
Day 7 The Palm Tree, 7 x 7 inches, watercolor Stillman&Birn Delta series by Marlene Lee
Day 8_Rice Fields_ 30x30DW
Day 8 Rice Fields, 7 x 7 inches, watercolor Stillman&Birn Delta series by Marlene Lee
Day 9_Birds Flying over Rice Fields_30x30DW
Day 9 Birds Flying over Rice Fields, 7 x 7 inches, watercolor Stillman&Birn Delta series by Marlene Lee

Direct Watercolor Challenge, Days 4 to 6

I continued with Day 4 and 5 without using pencil just a thin brush to layout the basic shapes. In Day 6, I went back to the pencil. The pencil provides a quick warm up before laying in the colors.

Day 6 is my favorite of all three here. It reminded me of the qualities of watercolors that I love. The transparency, the glazing, the free flowing of paint. And just letting go.

Day 4 Coffee Cup 30x30DW
Day 4 Coffee Cup, 7 x 7 inches, watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 5_Fountain_30x30DW
Day 5, Fountain, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 6_Tomatoes_30x30DW
Day 6, Tomatoes, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee

The 30 Day Challenge

I’m excited to say that I’m participating in the 30×30 Direct Watercolor 2018 Challenge. What I’m understanding about doing direct watercolor is to paint with pure watercolor. I cheated. I started out with a gestural pencil sketch and then add watercolor in a free forming fashion. The originator of the challenge is Marc Taro Holmes and his blog post explains more on the process.

Day 1_Pears_30x30DW
Day 1 Pears, 7 x 7 inches, watercolor and pencil by Marlene Lee
Day 2_Strawberries_30x30DW
Day 2 Strawberries, 7 x 7 inches, watercolor and pencil by Marlene Lee
Day 3_Blueberries_30x30DW
Day 3 Blueberries, 7 x 7 inches, watercolor and pencil by Marlene Lee

My materials: Stillman&Birn Delta series, watercolor and pencil, brush – Isabey pocketbrush. 

My set up is using the early morning light.