Day 28 – 30/30 Challenge

I finally finished organizing and sorting through my receipts for tax returns and other business forms to submit.

Meanwhile another abstract. I did a series of analogous colors of greens and yellows. Using anything from palette knives to pins, I strived for texture in each piece.

untitled, 4 x 4 inches, oil on paper

Day 27 – 30/30 Challenge

Unfortunately there are business forms that are due at the end of this month. So I have spending hours sorting through my receipts for a whole year! Such a headache! New Year’s resolution is to keep up with the art receipts.

But Day 27 is an small 4 x 4 abstracts that I had been doing along with the pencil portraits. Hope you enjoy!


Monochromatic Abstract 4

Monochromatic Abstract 4

New series of small watercolor prints for sale on my Fine Art America. Done on 9 3/4 x 4 inch Arches rough watercolor pad. I approached it as a free flowing exercise to create abstract landscape imagery – following the paint as it leads. Originals are for sale so please email me if you are interested at Will be up on Special Listing.

Virginia Yerxa Community Read Exhibit in Colusa

I had a great opportunity to participate in the VYCR Program in Colusa all Saturday afternoon. My husband and I had time to explore the beautiful view of the Sacramento River. After having lunch with the council, they took us to visit a store owner whose father had a very similar history has my husband’s father – coming from China at a fairly young age and working as a cook for the surrounding region in ranches. There’s a very strong Chinese American history in Colusa – a hidden underground city, opium dens, then later cooks….a now a respected grocery store owner.

We attended the lecture by UC Riverside professor on science fiction in Colusa’s firehouse. Very interesting and well attended. The rest of the afternoon was activities and exhibits including mine.

Roberta James did a fabulous job of pulling quotes out from “Fahrenheit 451” to match the paintings. We were impressed out it all fitted.

I want to thank the committee and particular Roberta and Elizabeth for all your effort in putting this program together so well.

Colusa 1






Colusa 3
This painting was sold

Returning to Abstract

I decided to go back to my triptych painting on the wall after painting portraits for several weeks. It felt good to be able to swing that brush across the canvas.

First I covered the muddy colors of red and brown with cerulean blue and cad yellow. From dull to bright. But too bright. The combination of cad yellow and blue gave almost a neon green. My objective in this abstract was to paint more neutral. So I worked with burnt umber and cerulean blue which definitely toned down the canvas. Now it’s heading in the direction I want.

New Triptych Work in Progress

Dealing with 3 main colors: cerulean blue, ivory black and cadmium red. Found these color combination in a home decorating magazine.

There are 3 panels: 2 18″ x 48″ and 1 48″ x 60″ or about.

There something freeing about taking a brush and swishing all over the canvas. Everything is done in acrylic first. So I started off with black and red. And then blue came in. Light washes of blue. Using a water sprayer to spread colors more. Accents of thicker came in. Then application of acrylic medium of glass beads and pumice gel. All experimental. Where it goes I have no idea.


Hawaiian Series

I had just completed a series of paintings based on my feelings about Hawaii. Listening to songs by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and other Hawaiian hits in the “Pick a Hit Hawaii”, I paint with imagery created by the songs – paradise, waves splashing on the shore, idyllic life….and the volcanoes. Even though there were no mentioning of volcanoes in any of the songs, there were mentioned of conflicts of past and present and future concern of their people, or adjusting to the mainland lifestyle.