Tangerine on a White Cloth

This painting was done strictly using palette knife. I found that I can’t render so much but have to consider what color to use before actually applying it on the canvas.

Orange on a White Cloth
Tangerine on a White Cloth, 10 x 8 inches, oil on canvas panel by Marlene Lee

Apples in Line

Playing around with composition. I love the idea of objects off the page and the principle is to have three edges being touched. But I didn’t do it in this case. Does it work?

Apples in Line, oil on canvas panel, 6 x 6 inches by Marlene Lee

Face Painting

Captured this photo of a face painter in action. I love the painter’s hand as she positioned gently positioned the child so that she can get it just right on the child’s face.

may2015 oil 6x8
may2015 oil 6×8

The Finish of the 6-Hour Pose

Last Tuesday was the last 3 hours of the 6-Hour pose at Paulo Ruvalcabo’s alla prima class at the School of Light and Color.

Here’s the previous post on the first 6 hour – https://marleneleeart.com/2015/04/29/6-hour-pose/.

What I took from here is something I had heard before but now is sinking it – The sphere shape in rendering the values from shadows to light. Areas to pay close attention to is around the forehead, along the cheekbones, around the jaw line, the transition on the nose planes from side to top and then to the other side, the roundness of the eyelids and the roundness of the lips.

Another point that I have finally become more aware of is that different colors of the same values can be blended in. I’m a bit still uncertain how to deal with this new knowledge but I still need to think in values even though colors are introduced.

Anyway I’m happy with the results. I found spending longer forces me to developed the painting more and even taking the time to correct. Lesson well learned!
Michael 050812 oil 14x11

6 Hour Pose

In class today we start the 6 hour pose. If I hadn’t mentioned it in my previous post, I’m taking an alla prima class taught by Paulo Ruvalcaba at the School of Light and Color.

The model posed for 25 minutes and then took a break. After each pose I took a photo of my WIP. Since it was a 6 hour pose, I worked slowly and more deliberately. And worked on a larger canvas panel, 11 x 14, instead of my normal 9 x 12.

The first 25 minute was spend measuring twice before “cutting”. I found myself readjusting the features a few times.
6 hour pose 1

Once the block in was established for the shadows, I came in with shadow color and light color for the skin. The hair was done with a separate color pile with more of a greenish tone.
6 hour pose 2

Here I developed lighter tones to the skin and hair. The lower lip is more rosy. Paulo pointed out that at this stage I need to break down the big shapes to smaller shapes.
6 hour pose 3

From this point I continued to develop the values in the light area and darkened the shadows. I paid attention to the 3 areas of colors in the face…top third is much lighter and yellow, the mid third tends to be more reddish due to the cheeks and the lower third is more gray.
6 hour pose 4

I was able to develop the lower third to have more of a greenish/gray tone in the shadows of the cheeks. Since there was a few minutes, Paulo suggested soften some of the edges.
6 hour pose 5

to be continued next week….