Carrots Sliced Up

Ready for stew.

It was painted on a linen canvas panel. I have say I’m now hooked on linen. It receives the oils so nicely and smoothly. Got this panel from Blick’s; they had leftovers when it was Utrecht. Unfortunately I don’t think they are carrying anymore.

Sliced Carrots for Stew_oil_082015_6x8

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Thanks for viewing!

30 Paintings 30 Days

I’ve just completed a self made project to paint 30 paintings, 30 days. My Guerilla Thumbox has make it all possible for its ease of set and supplies in all one place. The size of the canvas is only 8 x 6 inches, large enough yet small enough to do a quick painting in a day…at least for me.

Here are some favorite paintings that my FB fans enjoyed.

The link to the rest of the paintings is

5_23 Little Red Top Jug
5/23/13 Little Red Top Jug
6_2 Withering Tiger Lily
6/2/13 Withering Tiger Lily
6_5 Yellow Flowers in a Glass Vase
6/5/13 Yellow Flowers in a Glass Vase
6_7 Tiger Lily on Yellow BG
6/7/13 Tiger Lily on Yellow Background
6_14 Cherry tomatoes n dried leaf
6/14/13 Cherry Tomatoes and Dried Leaf
6_26 Wasted Tomatoes
6/26/13 Wasted Tomatoes
6_28 Green Pepper & Carrots
6/28/13 Green Pepper & Carrots