It was a beautiful Sunday morning . . .

and I went on a solo sketchcrawl. I had participated in the Davis sketchcrawl, “Let’s Draw Davis” which is part of a worldwide movement of sketchers, “Urban Sketchers“.

It was a great way to getaway and meet up with a friend just to talk.

062616 Manna SBHolbein
Manna Korean BarBQ
062616 Hunan SBHolbein
Hunan Restaurant

I discovered this little sketchbook made by Holbein. It handles watercolor well and is not very thick so I can carry it in my bag. Plus it’s spiralbound.

Holding Hands in Chinatown

Holding Hands in Chinatown_oil_6x12_021416.jpg
Holding Hands in Chinatown, 6 x 12 inches, oil on panel, by Marlene Lee SOLD

My husband and I were visiting SF Chinatown at the time and I spotted this elderly couple a few feet ahead of us holding hands. So endearing. My hub had just bought me a new camera so I snapped the shot.

The painting itself was one of those painting that questioned my ability to paint. But I paint through and submit it for the Valentine special exhibit “Hearts” at the Hallmark Hotel. And it SOLD!

But, bummer! I forgot to scan it in for inventory. Fortunately I had taken an Instagram photo. It’s not the complete image but it will have to work. Lesson learned!