Yolo Causeway Rice Fields 1

First of a series of tiny paintings. Yolo Causeway Series.

2016-134 Yolo Causeway Rice Fields 2x2.75.JPG
Yolo Causeway Rice Fields I, oil on stretched canvas, 2 x 2.75 x .0375 inches by Marlene Lee

Yolo Causeway Fields.jpg

This painting is part of a series of miniature dollhouse sized paintings of the Yolo Causeway. While my husband is driving, I snapped photos with my smartphone of the vast rice fields stretching across the width of the Yolo Causeway freeway. These photos then becomes references for the mini paintings.

On the Yolo Causeway

There is a stretch of freeway that connects Davis to Sacramento. It goes over rice fields and when it rains it looks like a lake. A great place for artists…and hunters, though the two never meet. So whenever my husband is driving I snapped photos and paint.

Yolo Basin, 10 x 4 inches, watercolor

The Amtrak Palm Tree

John Natsoulas Gallery sponsored the California Paint Out. After viewing some of the artists onsite, I signed up.

The Amtrak Train Station is one of the most beautiful areas in Davis. Located just on the outskirts of the main downtown area, the architecture is southwestern – orange and tile roofing. Finding a subject to paint was overwhelming. There is so much to paint! So I focus on one thing that drew me – a palm tree. And right next to it was a bicycle shed.

That evening was the auction. To participate the artists paid $25 and must have a canvas stamped. My husband and I came early but left before the auction ended. The following morning I found out that it sold for over $100. Amazing!