30×30 Direct Watercolor 2018 challenge

There are days 13 through 17 with a couple of days missed. I found flowers harder to paint and had only one success. Then I switched over to people. Maybe I’ll attempt flowers again.

Day 13 White Flower
Day 13 White Flower, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 15 Couple Walking 30x30DW
Day 15 Couple Walking 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 16 Unicycle Dancer
Day 16 Unicycle Daner, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 17 Performer
Day 17 Performer, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee

Spring Flowers

Freshly picked from my garden and from West Davis Pond Garden. Done in my Moleskinne 5 x 8 watercolor sketchbook. Though I’m able to achieved some nice effects, I can’t really lay in the colors and water. I think next time, I do more on watercolor papers.

Purple Iris at W Dav Pond Garden 050315 8x5 2

Daisy and Orange Flowers May 2015 watercolor 8x5

Iris Bud Encaustic Painting

Iris Bud 031915 encaustics 2.5x3.5

I am new to encaustics and love the quality that it produces. Encaustics is working with heated wax. I use premixed wax colors to create this very small piece, a size of an artist trading card. The abstract quality comes in when the heat gun melts the wax to mix in with the previous layers. It adds also a textural quality that says “touch me”. I’m looking forward to producing more of these pieces.

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