Day 20 – 30/30 Challenge

I can’t believe that it’s now the home stretch. Eleven more drawings to go for the Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge. In yesterday’s drawing I had switched paper – from tan to gray. It’s a much deeper gray as appears here in the scanned copy. I discovered I have to now use a darker pencil than the HB I had been using to a 2B. For the very dark areas around his eyes, a 6B was used. Then for a sharper highlight, I hit with a white Rembrandt pastel.

The photo reference was a striking shot of actor, Jeff Bridges. So the values were pretty much laid out for me. I have to say I’m pretty please with myself on this one.

Day 20 30:30 Challenge
Day 20 by Marlene Lee – graphite, pastel, & charcoal;       8.5 x 5.5 inches