Direct Watercolor Challenge, Days 4 to 6

I continued with Day 4 and 5 without using pencil just a thin brush to layout the basic shapes. In Day 6, I went back to the pencil. The pencil provides a quick warm up before laying in the colors.

Day 6 is my favorite of all three here. It reminded me of the qualities of watercolors that I love. The transparency, the glazing, the free flowing of paint. And just letting go.

Day 4 Coffee Cup 30x30DW
Day 4 Coffee Cup, 7 x 7 inches, watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 5_Fountain_30x30DW
Day 5, Fountain, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 6_Tomatoes_30x30DW
Day 6, Tomatoes, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee

Young Girl

Still working only with Zorn palette; a limited palette of just four colors; titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre, and cadmium red. Even with just those four, I feel there is so much colors I can reproduce. The Zorn palette works well with portraits and figures but with landscapes and still not quite sure.

Since the photo was from Pinterest and probably copyrighted, I cannot sell the painting.

Young Girl, 8 x 6 inches oil on canvas panel