Oil Portraits

Two portraits done in the last two weeks. Both from photo reference. The right is a photo reference from Vitruvian Studio online course. I used the Zorn palette plus Naples Yellow Light for warm white lightening. (Size 16 x 12 inches on canvas)



Also I wanted to test this new canvas pad, Paramount. It is primed but the back reveals ungessoed canvas. It works very well for me – not too smooth like canvas paper.

More Pencil Portraits

Still marching onward with the pencil portraits on toned paper. I just finished the 5 x 8 Strathmore Toned Gray┬ápad and moving on to the 9 x 12 pad. Both drawings are based on images I found in Pinterest. In the first image I’m thinking now more about composition, instead of just drawing the face. (by the way the date is wrong. It’s not 1/21/16 but 2/21/16)


Below are the materials I normally used for the drawings, mainly mechanical pencils: Graphlet 0.9 mm HB & 2B by Pentel, Turquoise by Primascolor with a thicker lead (I had this over 30 years ago) and General’s Charcoal White. I also use a 6B pencil when I need very darks. Otherwise I build up values with crosshatching.