Sunlit Fields

The photo reference was taken probably on my way to Napa. Beautiful rolling hills with grapevines and distant mountains.

I wanted to try my hand using just a palette knife, the one that I mixed my paints with. No brushes. Cleaning was so easy, just a wipe with a paper towel. No gamsol!
Sunlit Fields, 5 x 7 inches oil on canvas panel by Marlene Lee

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Yolo Causeway Tiny Paintings Series

Mountains have a majestic view while crossing the Yolo Causeway.

2016-136 Yolo Causeway Mountains 2x4.JPG
Yolo Causeway Mountains, oil on stretched canvas, 2 x 4 x 3/8 inches
Yolo Causeway Mountains.jpg
Reference photo

This painting is part of a series of miniature dollhouse sized paintings of the Yolo Causeway. While my husband is driving, I snapped photos with my smartphone of the vast rice fields stretching across the width of the Yolo Causeway freeway. These photos then becomes references for the mini paintings.

Available for sale in my Etsy and DailyPaintworks stores.

Oakdale Ranch

This past Saturday was a ranch visit for the Yolo Arts & Ag Project. Heading down straight on Hwy 16 from Main Street in Woodland, I find myself heading to the small farm town, Esparto. I passed the migrant camp where my son had tutored farmhand children.

It’s a beautiful farm. Came first to a pond set up with an gazebo for entertainment. After checking in and scouting around for possible places to paint, I came upon open fields with the mountains as backdrops. No matter what farm or ranch I’m at, I always go to the mountains. And with a building.

This painting is my second attempt. It worked out so much better. The weather had started cool but got up to the high 90’s after a couple hours. Yet there appeared to be thunderclouds coming from over the mountains. The clouds were in a beautiful formation.

My goal with this painting was to create distance. I particularly paid attention to color – Darker and brighter colors in the mid and foregrounds. The mountains a more grayish blues with hints of yellowish brown to create distance. Another goal was to capture the intensity of the midday sun. The building worked out perfectly for that.

For the Yolo Art & Ag Project
Oakdale Ranch, 6 x 8 inches, oil on canvas panel

Clarence Scott Hill Ranch

Clarence Scott Hill Ranch

6 X 8 inches, oil on canvas panel

For April, the Clarence Scott Hill Ranch open up its land for artists and photographers to come and paint or take photos. A wonderful experience to visit land normally not accessible to the public.

These monthly visits to the ranches and farms is part of a program, the Art & Ag Project sponsored by the Yolo Arts Council. The reception in November provide an opportunity for the public to purchased these pieces.