More tiny paintings. Day 7, 8, & 9 are of the same garlic. The first day I painted the garlic, I just did not feel it was right. Another attempt on Day 8, seems to come out much worse. Day 9 was much better. I concentrated on getting the strokes down right the first time.

Day 7 Garlic 1 oil_2015_ACEO

Day 8 Garlic 2 oil_2015_ACEO

Day 9 Garlic 3 oil_2015_ACEO

Day 10 is an apple I found a few days go. Just turning a bit brown.

Day 10 Garlic Apple oil_2015_ACEO

Friday night I had an one night opening in Woodland and along with my regular paintings I put out the ACEOs that I completed. Two sold. At $20 each, these tiny paintings are easy sales. People including myself are a bit hesitate to pay over $100 on a painting or anything else. So the ACEOs will become a staple for steady income.

More Nectarines Paintings and New Artist to Admired

I enjoy painting nectarines. Their coloring is so similar to human skin so I see it as great practice for painting skins. Another goal I have is to challenge myself to paint the nectarines or fruits in general juicy as if the viewer is ready to pluck them off a tree.
071915ThreeNectarines5x7oil 071915Two Nectarines5x7oil

These paintings will be available for sale in my Etsy shop.

I’m a fan of Pinterest. There I find all sort of inspirations and new artists that I would not normally come across. Right now I’m painting a dog portrait of my nephew’s bull dog. Such a charmer though lacking in the beauty category. To be inspired I went into Pinterest and found this painting by Sandra Flood. I love her simple yet elegant composition. Many of her paintings are like that; not too much background. She’s basically a self-taught artist. Here’s her website to explore more of her works on her website

Next week I’ll post some progression paintings of my nephew’s bull dog. . .

Woodland First Friday Art Walk


I had a wonderful chance to participate in the Woodland First Friday Art Walk. I was showing with two photographers, Kent Smith and Gwen Kaltoft. It was there I sold all 4 paintings that I was exhibiting.

Then another one was sold at the Yolo Arts Council Gala.

All of these paintings were done at Turkovich, Pete Cattle or Mezger Zinnias Patch.

I want to thank Gwen Kaltoft and Mark Mezger for their purchases!


30 Paintings 30 Days

I’ve just completed a self made project to paint 30 paintings, 30 days. My Guerilla Thumbox has make it all possible for its ease of set and supplies in all one place. The size of the canvas is only 8 x 6 inches, large enough yet small enough to do a quick painting in a day…at least for me.

Here are some favorite paintings that my FB fans enjoyed.

The link to the rest of the paintings is

5_23 Little Red Top Jug
5/23/13 Little Red Top Jug
6_2 Withering Tiger Lily
6/2/13 Withering Tiger Lily
6_5 Yellow Flowers in a Glass Vase
6/5/13 Yellow Flowers in a Glass Vase
6_7 Tiger Lily on Yellow BG
6/7/13 Tiger Lily on Yellow Background
6_14 Cherry tomatoes n dried leaf
6/14/13 Cherry Tomatoes and Dried Leaf
6_26 Wasted Tomatoes
6/26/13 Wasted Tomatoes
6_28 Green Pepper & Carrots
6/28/13 Green Pepper & Carrots

Virginia Yerxa Community Read Exhibit in Colusa

I had a great opportunity to participate in the VYCR Program in Colusa all Saturday afternoon. My husband and I had time to explore the beautiful view of the Sacramento River. After having lunch with the council, they took us to visit a store owner whose father had a very similar history has my husband’s father – coming from China at a fairly young age and working as a cook for the surrounding region in ranches. There’s a very strong Chinese American history in Colusa – a hidden underground city, opium dens, then later cooks….a now a respected grocery store owner.

We attended the lecture by UC Riverside professor on science fiction in Colusa’s firehouse. Very interesting and well attended. The rest of the afternoon was activities and exhibits including mine.

Roberta James did a fabulous job of pulling quotes out from “Fahrenheit 451” to match the paintings. We were impressed out it all fitted.

I want to thank the committee and particular Roberta and Elizabeth for all your effort in putting this program together so well.

Colusa 1






Colusa 3
This painting was sold

Pete’s Valley Cattle

The Yolo Arts Council is again sponsoring their Art & Ag projects. The farms throughout Yolo County invites artists to come on their land to paint the beautiful sceneries – rolling hills, plenty of trees, fresh air for most of us…and an occasional farm equipments.

For February we met at Pete’s Valley Cattle at the end of County Road 26. It’s an organic grass fed cattle ranch with over 400 cattle.

When I do plein air, I paint small. So I used by Guerilla 6 x 8 Thumbbox and oh! it is sooo convenient. I purchased this last year and I’m very pleased how easy it is to set up. Oils, brushes, and Gamsol are easily carried along with a palette plus 2 to 3 panels. (Another post will be devoted to this).

My palette consist of titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre and transparent red oxide. Later I added cadmium yellow and ultramarine blue. I’m pleased with the results though I intent to go back into it later…like lighting up the mountains, less details.

Painting of Pete's Valley Cattle


In November, there will be a fundraiser and paintings are sold.

A Painting of a Promengranate

Homework assignment from Lucy’s. Painting a promengrante.

Before starting the promengranate, I study the fruit by drawing contour lines to define the shapes and the planes.

Then the set up. Daylight or rather a full spectrum light bulb was used on the left of the fruit. The light from the right came from the sky through the upper office window. I did not have to worry about a background, since the lights took care what I needed to paint.

This painting is close to being done. I tried to pay attention to the paint strokes following the cross contour lines of the shape. I also focus on the color of the lighting. The highlight appeared to me to be light yellow and the reflected light of cool blue.

Cold Wax and Oil Fruits Paintings

10 x 8 in., cold wax and oil
10 x 8 in., cold wax and oil
10 x 8 in., cold wax and oil

I had been working lately with cold wax and oils. Instead of linseed oil, cold wax is used as the medium to spread the oil around. The paintings are more matted. And supposedly cold wax and oil together tend to dry faster. In some of the paintings I had added iridescent paints to give it more shimmer.

These paintings will be exhibited at the Artery.