Another little dog that I had met at the park.

I had done this little dog in watercolor. Here’s the post of it –

Coco, oil, 8 x 10 inches by Marlene Lee

A Pear with Grapes

Painting 12 . . .

Playing around with colored papers and composition. With this painting I chose blue and green for the yellow pear. The purple grapes is the complementary color to yellow and green, and analogous color to the blue. The combination of colors seems subdued.

158 A Pear with Grapes oil 6 x 6.jpg
A Pear with Grapes, oil on canvas panel, 6 x 6 inches by Marlene Lee

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Three Cherries

Painting 10 for the Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge.

I have to admit, I do love painting cherries. At first glance they seemed dull to paint – their coloring too dark. But the more I get into painting them the more richness of colors I see.

156 Three Cherries 6x6 oil.jpg
Three Cherries, oil, 6 x 6 inches, by Marlene Lee

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Scan or not to Scan

I often wondered if it’s best to take a photo of a painting or whether to scan it. Below is a small painting of a peeled tangerine that I finished last week. I scanned it at 300 dpi, which is normally requested by magazine or any print matter. The bottom image directly below was taken with a Panasonic camera.

After comparing the two, the bottom image is much closer to the colors than the scanned image. I could, of course, manipulate the colors in a photo manipulation program such as  Photoshop or in my case, a free software – Gimp.

It’s easier to scan. But it’s also good to know how to take a good camera shot of a painting if it’s too large for the scanner.

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112 Peeled Tangerine 300px
Peeled Tangerine, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 4 x 4 x 1.25 inches; scanned image
112 Peeled Tangerine
Peeled Tangerine by Marlene Lee, oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 4 x 4 x 1.25 inches; Image taken with a camera


Painting Demo

I started to teach privately, just one student. Even though he has some experiences in painting years ago, he wanted to start of with the very basic. So we began with a singly object, a pear. Then establishing shadow and light patterns before going into color and brushwork.

109 Pear Demo 2016.jpg
Pear Demo, 5 x 7 inches oil on canvas panel

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