A Couple at Patris Open Studio

Two models, a couple. But I didn’t draw them as a couple. Just not there yet. With the male model I spend 2 1/2 hours, time to develop the values. It was his first time modeling and unfortunately his back was not allowing him to sit very long. So I concentrated around the eyes and developed that area first and then slowly went to the nose and mouth area.

Mike at Patris 12x15 06062016
Mike, graphite and white charcoal

With the woman I spend less time, maybe about 45 minutes. I went straight to establishing the light and shadow patterns first, not so much block in, and then developed the eye and more or less the other feature.

Amy at Patris 12x15 06062016
Amy, graphite and white charcoal

With time constraints, I’m learning to concentrate only what is most important.

Portraits Studies

I attend regularly at an open studio held in a local high school. The art teacher there coordinates these events and encourages her students to attend and even model for us.

Below are two studies from such sessions. They were done in the Zorn palette; titanium white, ivory black, yellow ochre, and cadmium red. Transparent red oxide is use to layout and tone the linen canvas.

Eric 2015Morgan 2015