Orange 2015 more resolution
Orange, 2015, oil on paper, 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches, ACEO

“Orange” was done in the flavor of David Leffel. In his video, “Creating Form with Paint” he talks about dealing with the two edges, the inner edge between the light and shadow pattern and the outer edge which is the edge of the orange and the background.

The inner edge is dealt with simply by dragging the brush between the light and shadow to soften. The background color can be used to soften the edge.

But the way Leffel dealt with the outer edge was a great technique that I learned. The tendency is to slightly darkened the outer edge and lighten to wards the highlight. But the illumination is lost. Leffel shared that simply lightening the background next to the edge will maintained the illumination. Just a thin slight lighter strip of the background.

It’s a brilliant technique and I just love the effect.

Carrots Sliced Up

Ready for stew.

It was painted on a linen canvas panel. I have say I’m now hooked on linen. It receives the oils so nicely and smoothly. Got this panel from Blick’s; they had leftovers when it was Utrecht. Unfortunately I don’t think they are carrying anymore.

Sliced Carrots for Stew_oil_082015_6x8

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Thanks for viewing!

Spring Flowers

Freshly picked from my garden and from West Davis Pond Garden. Done in my Moleskinne 5 x 8 watercolor sketchbook. Though I’m able to achieved some nice effects, I can’t really lay in the colors and water. I think next time, I do more on watercolor papers.

Purple Iris at W Dav Pond Garden 050315 8x5 2

Daisy and Orange Flowers May 2015 watercolor 8x5