Oranges and Pears

I’m not quite sure if I’m crazy about painting on wood. This was a prepared surface with a canvas like texture. But I find it too smooth for my taste. Kinda have an interesting texture though.

Oranges and Pears, 8 x 8 x 3/4 inches, oil on wood

Available for purchase in my Etsy store.

Ready to Eat

Another orange painting on gallery wrapped stretch canvas. Ready to eat and ready to hang. Here in this painting I’m exploring the use of the palette knife to create texture. I love texture! Years ago when attending CSUS, there was an exhibit of a former student who became quite successful. I think his name was Jian Wang. His paintings were very sculptural, painted straight from the tube. The oils were literal sitting 1 inch on the canvas. Simple subjects of pots and pans. But I loved the textural quality of it, very three dimensional. I can literally see the pot coming out of the canvas.


Orange with Stem

While working on the 30/30 Challenge drawings, I also was painting small paintings. I decided to start into painting on a gallery wrapped stretched canvas. Concentrating on meaningful brushstrokes, I strived to express in one brushstroke at a time.

Little Orange with Stem 4x4x1.5 oil 012216

This painting will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop, Paintings by Marlene.


Fruits, fruits and more fruits

After my commission with my hairdresser to do a couple of fruit paintings, I did more. This time with kiwi. I have to say that the kiwi are too dark for the light and translucent colors of the oranges and limes. I planned to do more without the kiwi.

My Hairdresser’s Paintings


My hairdresser asked me to paint two 8×8 inch paintings for her sister. Fortunately I had done similar fruit paintings before. Sliced up some grapefruit, lemons and especially limes, since this is the color that had drawn her. Set them up and took photos.

There’s a lot of playing around with design and balance, and color . . . almost abstract.

Sliced Orange Encaustic Painting

Sliced Oranges 030615 encaustic paper 6x6

More still life in encaustic. This time I added translucent handmade paper between layers of wax. The painting was basically finished when I added the paper. But what I found that the paper had soften the colors a bit too much. So I went back in and added more colors.

I’m finding that working with encaustic with realistic subjects gives an abstract quality. The texture is there and abstracted background is there. I just love how it comes across.

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