Soul Patch Musician


I had been going around to different band performances and taking photos of various musicians in action. With this particular musician he was performing with 4 other musicians on a hot summer eve. What I wanted to captured is his fingering on the guitar. The fingering of a musician defines the music and the handling of his instrument. And his soul patch captures his music.

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Green Lake

On Wednesdays, Davis artist Betty Berteaux, would lead a group of artists to various places throughout Yolo and surrounding counties. This particular Wednesday, we went inside the Yolo Basin Wildlife Reserve located next to the Yolo Causeway, a stretch of a bridge highway that leads into Sacramento. From the causeway as I’m driving across, I can see stretched of land filled with wildlife and rice fields. I found out that it is a hunting ground for ducks during the fall.

Ann Brice, the caretaker of the Yolo Basin, took us to a beautiful spot, Green Lake. Quite peaceful and away from the noises of the Yolo Causeway.

13Aug14 GreenLake 8x6oil