More People Sketching

My weekend was busy with people sketching. This time I went to the Square Tomato Arts and Crafts Fair this past weekend. Sketched vendors, shoppers, musicians…tried to get a couple of volunteers to pose for me but no go.

People sketching at Square Tomato 1
People sketching at the Square Tomato Fair in a Moleskine watercolor sketchbook

People Sketching at Square Tomato 2

San Francisco Trip Sketches

My husband and I spent a few days in San Francisco. (It was a much needed rest from caring for my mother 24/7).

We stayed in a hotel right in the heart of downtown San Francisco. From our window view I can see the construction workers on the future Mexican Contemporary Art Museum.

Construction of the Museum of Mexican Contemporary Art watercolor sketch by Marlene Lee


After our visit at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), we relaxed at Yerba Buena Park. Despite the cool breezy wind, many other people also relaxed in this beautiful park.

Afternoon at Yerba Buena Park
An Afternoon at Yerba Buena Park watercolor sketch by Marlene Lee


After breakfast in the following morning we stopped again at Yerba Buena Park. I was able to get a few sketches of people in while they were doing either Tai Chi, Chi Gung or dancing to music. I believe there’s a senior center nearby. Also I sketched in the rock garden there.

Morning Routines at Yerba Buena
Early Morning Routines watercolor sketch by Marlene Lee
Rock Garden
Rock Garden watercolor sketch by Marlene Lee

30×30 Direct Watercolor 2018 challenge

There are days 13 through 17 with a couple of days missed. I found flowers harder to paint and had only one success. Then I switched over to people. Maybe I’ll attempt flowers again.

Day 13 White Flower
Day 13 White Flower, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 15 Couple Walking 30x30DW
Day 15 Couple Walking 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 16 Unicycle Dancer
Day 16 Unicycle Daner, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee
Day 17 Performer
Day 17 Performer, 7 x 7 inches watercolor by Marlene Lee

Sketchcrawl at the UCD Arboretum

We met at the steps of the Mrak Building on the UCD campus right along the arboretum. The regulars met as well as out-of-towners from the Sacramento area – Carmichael.

Two young girls with their mother join us. After an attempt to sketch the Taiko drummers who regularly practiced on Saturdays mornings at the top for the garage parking building, the nippy wind forced us inside the Manetti Shrem museum. Here I was able to captured the two girls.

I used Noodlers Kiowa Pecan ink filled in a TWSBI fountain pen. I love my TWSBI and the color of the ink but the ink was something to get used to. I discovered with the palm tree drawing that the ink is water soluble. I had to be very careful on the amount of water to apply without destroying the lines. Other that it produces a very interesting effect…

Amy, 8 x 5 inches in Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, watercolor and ink by Marlene Lee
Sophia, 8 x 5 inches in Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, watercolor and ink by Marlene Lee
042818_Palm Tree
The Palm Tree, 8 x 5 inches in Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, watercolor and ink by Marlene Lee

Just doodling

Lately I had been carrying a Fabriano sketchbook, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches and a Lamy Safari fountain pen to doodle things in front of me. Sometimes staged like my shoe that I put on the coffee table (my mother would had killed me), sometimes not. Things that surrounds me day by day.

One day is just sitting around the house or looking outside or late at night when my husband is sleeping. The other day would be a visit to my mother or eating at a local restaurant. Then on a Saturday, I made it a point to go out to some soccer games in a nearby field and sketch the spectators.

Slowly I’m building up a visual diary of my mundane everyday life.

10.19.16 & 10.20.16 Doodles by Marlene Lee. Most drawings done with a Lamy pen except for two. I was trying out a Hero bent nib pen but found it too thick.
10.21.16 & 10.22.16 Doodles by Marlene Lee

Also I noted that the Fabriano book is not really a sketchbook. The paper is very thin. Maybe more for taking notes with a finer pen.