Pence Gallery Garden Tour

I had a fun time yesterday at the annual Pence Gallery Garden Tour. Lovely weather and a convenient home gardens to walk to made this a very successful garden tour.

This was my first to paint on site. I was a bit nervous as to “what am I going to paint” anxiety all week because where I was painting was at the gallery itself. But as it turns out it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Plein aire painting at the Pence Gallery. Oil, 8 x 10 linen panel.

The Fountain


I was out with two other artists to paint on the Sacramento Capitol ground. I was expecting to paint the skyline with the Capitol building in the background. But we all noticed this fountain, no water, but the sun was hitting just right. It was Sunday morning, cool and crisp, yet sunny and people were walking around the Rose gardens close by.

Available for purchase on my Daily Paintworks gallery

Plein Aire Painting at the Capitol

One week ago, I participated in a weekly paintout in Sacramento. We met Sunday morning at the Rose Garden near the Capitol building. I envisioned painting the top of the Capitol. I could have but the fountain was much closer and had some interesting shadows shapes. And besides all of us, just 3 of us, painted the fountain.