Portrait of Zane

I finally was able to attend an open session at Patris Studio. It was good to be there drawing and painting from life. I started off with a pencil drawing which took about an hour. The next two hours was painting in oils with the Zorn limited palette – titanium white, ivory black, cadmium red and yellow ochre.

The last painting was done at home from a photo.

Zane, 12 x 9 inches graphite and charcoal on toned paper
Zane 1, 8 x 6 inches oil on canvas panel
Zane 2, 10 x 8 inches oil on canvas panel

More Commissioned Portraits

Another portrait commission of siblings. Graphite and white charcoal on Strathmore tan paper. The challenge here was not to overdo it with the white charcoal. Just enough for highlights.



Want to commission a portrait drawing? Email me at marleneleeart@gmail.com.

International Festival 2017

Held Oct. 1 on a Sunday at Central Park, Davis. Another artist and I drew portraits for 35 people in 4 1/2 hours. It was a wonderful time. We chatted with our sitters and found so many different stories. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

Done mainly in pencils on Strathmore Toned Gray Paper. About 20 minutes each.

Here’s some of the drawings done.



Open studio at Patris Gallery/Studio. Three-hour pose. Here I am practicing what I’m learning at Vitruvian Studio online course on Portrait Drawing. Using a range of pencils from 2H to 8B, with white charcoal, I strived to achieve a variation of tone.
Tori at Patris 053016.jpg

Oil Portrait of Morgan

I’m still continue the pencil with white charcoal on toned paper portrait. The drawing of Morgan was done from a live model at Patris’ Studio. It took about 40 minutes. Then for the next 2 hours, I worked in oils again using the Zorn palette.

I feel pretty good about the colors. She is a fair skinned model and I have a tendency to make the light colors too light. So I started deeper and rosier.

I’ve always had trouble establishing the shadow colors until a teacher pointed out that there two methods – using analogous colors or complimentary colors. I’m starting with analogous colors, simpler to think about.┬áLater I’ll be more adventurous.

Now just looking at the drawing and painting side by side, I see I need to make some adjustments. For instance her left side needs to be angled more.

Day 29 – 30/30 Challenge

Got all my receipts organized for business and tax forms to submit by the end of this month. Now I can return playing!

A quick sketch. A very quick sketch done under 5 minutes. I hope to develop this technique more for the quick portrait sketching that I do at fairs and schools.


Just finished listening to Leslie’s interview with Quang Ho. He has taken realism to a more conceptual level. It’s not a matter of copying what you see but seeing all things as line, color, shape, edges, values and ….